About Us


I started Tiny Roo as I was planning weaning with Etta and I was struggling to find simple but modern baby suction bowls and plates. I knew I wanted something simple and stylish, but also something really practical. I knew that I didn’t want plastic or anything covered in logos. I also kept finding products in bright and loud primary colours, but what I really love is neutral tones, modern tones that compliment each other.  

And so Tiny Roo was born!

Working as a secondary school English teacher I have always been passionate about child development, not just academically but more importantly emotional and physical development. This is exactly what I love about being a new mum - I get to teach Etta how to be a mini human and watch her grow and learn.


I know that whatever I called my business I wanted it to include the word ‘Roo’. I love kangaroos and the name Roo reminds me of my second home Australia so it feels like a nostalgic cosy blanket. Also have you seen baby roo’s - they are adorable! Pair the name with Tiny (For tiny humans) and you have my name.


We use Tiny Roo products in our household and me, Steve and Etta love them! They are not only really beautiful but stylish and practical and they make weaning easier.

In previous jobs I have worked in customer service so I know how important this is. At Tiny Roo our top priority is our customers and we will always endeavour to help where we can. We really want to make sure that when you buy from us that you feel like you are not buying from a faceless company who don’t care who you are. We do care and we are listening – because we want to provide you with products you want. Similarly, we want you to feel important because we value each and every one of you.

Our products are not just beautiful but they will last a long time and above all else they are practical! They have been designed to ensure they help to reduce the mess that comes with weaning but equally help babies make their own choices developmentally. That is why our products are perfect for both baby led weaning and parent led weaning with purees. Your baby - your choice!


We live in a beautiful world and we at Tiny Roo believe that it is our responsibility to help protect it so we are doing our bit by producing durable silicone baby tableware products that last.

You can reuse and wash our products multiple times throughout the day without them becoming damaged all thanks to the main ingredient silicone. 


Silicone is durable, and more ocean-friendly than plastic. It lasts longer, and stands up better against heat and cold than plastics. When burned, silicone reverts back into its harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor (unlike plastic which releases toxins when burned. It’s safer for your family, too, with no oestrogen-mimicking toxins like BPA to worry about. It is odourless, stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and has no open pores to harbour harmful bacteria. 

We only use 100% food-safe silicone in our products and our products are BPA free, Phthalate free, and Lead free. 


  • Silicone is extremely hygienic.
  • It has a natural resistance to bacteria and mould
  • It’s durable and it lasts
  • Unlike other fabric bibs, silicone is stain and odour resistant.
  • The material is extremely strong but also very flexible making it the perfect material for your messy and hands-on little ones. 
  • Easy-to-clean. You can hand wash with ease, give it a quick wipe or even throw it in the dishwasher.
  • It's safe for the microwave and oven up to 220C.
  • Unlike plastic, silicone does not contain any toxic nasties like BPA, BPS, lead, or phthalates.


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