All about me and why I started Tiny Roo

Welcome to my 1st blog!

My name is Kayla and I am the owner of Tiny Roo. I also mummy to the beautiful Etta-Mae and new wife to Steve. My firefighter hubbie who I literally couldn’t have done this without.

A little about me… I am a trained secondary school teacher and so I am one of those people that really believes that if you can make a difference then you should give it a good go! I am also an IVF (well ICSI) mum and struggled with infertility and PCOS for years. I also struggled pretty severely with my pregnancy as I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum. (The condition that Princess Kate had) I will write more on these two things in detail later as they are long, complicated and emotional to talk about.

But here’s more about the birth Tiny Roo…

I started this online Baby and Toddler weaning business as a way to stay sane during lockdown and also because we were due to wean our little one and that process really helped inspire me to want to create products that I would use myself for Etta. I also wanted to set up a business so I could eventually spend more time with my little girl. No offence to teaching but it is difficult to find time to be a good teacher and mummy in between the long hours, marking and planning. It is a wonderfully rewarding career but just not the most parent friendly (in my opinion).

So what did I want when I started?

Well as you can read in the ‘About Us’ section I decided that all my products would be eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials. I then opted for silicone as my main ingredient because it is just so versatile! As a busy mum you need products that you can pop in the microwave and dishwasher especially when you are feeding 3 times and more a day. Many of my plates and bowls also have a suction base and well I don’t need to explain the benefits of that if you have a baby/toddler prone to throwing food!

Baby led weaning or Parent Led?

The great thing about our products is that they can be used however you want. Some parents love the idea of baby led weaning and letting their little one explore food on their own and others like the idea of supporting them initially and feeding them while some parents combine both methods. Your baby – your decision.

Other parents, mums and dads

The other part of the business and the part I probably enjoy the most is the interaction I have with other parents. I have a Tiny Roo Instagram and Facebook account as I have wandered through the ever-winding social media path I have made so many connections and spoken to so many people with babies and toddlers. It has been great getting to know them (albeit through a computer) and I really feel like some of my customers and followers have started to become friends. It’s a really crazy place at times and it can be negative but honestly, I have found that the good far outweighs the bad and the connections I have made on Instagram and Facebook have been invaluable.

Any way I better go as I have (what may only be minutes) before my daughter wakes from her nap.

Thanks for listening!

Kayla @ Tiny Roo

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